Everhydrate Marine Moisture Moisture-Replenish Cream

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Lock in moisture with the REN EverHydrate Marine Moisture-Replenish Cream, a cutting-edge moisturiser suitable for use each day to deliver long-lasting results.

This moisturising cream features a moisture-maximising matrix. Featuring pioneering water-retention technology and infused with sustainable-sourced algae extracts, the cream delivers intense moisture and then locks it in on the skin’s surface to help relieve dehydration deep down.

The rejuvenating formula is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Enriched with cellular pectin, it helps smooth dehydration lines. With hyaluronic and polyglutamic acids to replenish the skin, REN’s hydra-smart technology allows the hydration to disperse evenly to help repair the skin barrier and relieve dehydration for up to 48 hours.